Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scott's First...

Scott is experiencing a lot of firsts today. Today is the first day of his internship, the first day he has worn an outfit that cost upwards of $500, and the first time his wife was didn't roll her eyes at his chosen garb for a busy work day. (His normal preference being pajayjays). He looks SOOooo great in his new clothes. He was excited enough about his first day that he let me take a picture. This is also the first time he has said yes when asked for a photo op so you know he knows that you and I both know he knows he looks good. Hopefully you are following along even half as well as I am to my train of thought because I'm suffering from my first case of sleep blogging right now. To back that train up a bit, I think he had a great first day. I'm really excited for him to get this experience, he's gonna be awesome at it.

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