Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good Times

So I found these pics on my camera which I haven't used much this year but since no one has seen them yet I thought I'd share. Last summer we went on a campout to the tippy top of one of the mountains up AF canyon. We rode four wheelers, practiced with Dad's bow and played horseshoes. Gammy and Grandpa Ken and the Robinsons came up on the second day for dinner and games. Of course we camped in style with all Dad's little conviences. Camping with out a full kitchen, bathroom and living room sounds a little unpleasant now. When the boys went to collect firewood they came back with whole trees. That's not a very green attitude but we had as many smores as we wanted. One thing that I'll never forget about this trip is Scott and I's first kiss while the whole fam snored loud enough to keep even the misquitos away. It was magical!

What I wanna know is who camps without the Kitchen sink?

We rode four wheelers and got some dirt and tan lines

Here's the wind up...

Watch how a pro does it

Playing Horseshoes

We almost couldn't make it with the big suburban but what a view!

How many McGee's does it take to build a fire?

Mr. Universe 2016