Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

The much awaited, much anticipated blog of the century!!!
So this isn't it but it looks like if I haven't already lost the interest of my blogging buddies I soon will. So hang on to your hats for the ultra condensed update of the last 3 months:
  1. I got straight A's last semester! (I'm still smiling about it three months later)
  2. Roof leaked... again
  3. Sued Landlord... kinda
  4. Bought a house and moved into it
  5. Got promoted at work... kinda(If I'm getting paid about the same and working twice as much is it a promotion?)
  6. Bought two tickets to Paris for a family vacaish with Seth and Lindsey (So EXCITED!!!)
  7. Have sky miles for two tickets to Disney Worlds for Family Reunion (Can't WAIT to see you guys, how long has it been? Two years?)
  8. Declared my intolerance for my lactose intolerance (Every day has been a Holiday since)
  9. Made a cake (Yeah, "big deal" says Britt and Jen but keep in mind this is the first cake I've made as a married woman) I literally got some Ooohs and Aaahs.
  10. Scott and I will hit the big 2 year mark in less than a month. And it's been just... peachy! In fact, I feel a "Praise to my Scott" blog coming on.
So it really would not be very entertaining to read about all ten of these things so if you wish for an explanation on any of these items leave a comment and the most popular comment will get it's own blog, with pics.