Monday, July 28, 2008

Singin' in the Rain

We didn't sing but we laughed a bit. This was amazing! Our apartment has one of those square roofs and catches the rain like a swimming pool. This weekend it rained a lot and when we came home Saturday it was all coming in through our kitchen light and various other places in the apartment that we didn't find until the dreaded squish under our feet announced it in the morning. When we got out of church on Sunday and saw the huge wall of rain clouds hurried home to man our battle stations.
We soon replaced the pots and bowls with trash cans and rubber maid storage bins so we could start "bailing out". And by the way our management informed us that we are currently 183rd on their maintenance list because they have some move outs that "need to be taken care of".

Today, I am looking for new apartments. Brand new ones!

Friday, July 18, 2008

What do you mean "Ooops"?

As you can see from the picture, I'm not quite loving this new hair cut. At the salon the girl actually said oops at one point. Hopefully I'll figure out howto make it cute soon. Until then any encouragement/bald face lies about how cute it already is are welcome! ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is me and Kara Woolf on the new ride at Lagoon called Wicked. Follow the track back a few feet and check out the cool spiral that it makes. I'd also like to proudly note that the brave girl with her hands in the air is yours truly.

Catchin' some Z's

This is Scott asleep at Lagoon, our wedding reception, and on the trip to Vegas. I have a few more examples but I think you see where I'm going. Anybody have any tips on how to get my boy to bed on time? Otherwise you'll soon see similar pictures of me.


This is the amazing Stockton Bojangles!!! We spent a few hours in the pool so we all got a chance to give him our sage advice on swimming. I myself still prefer to use a fundoodle but he eventually outstripped me and started backwards jumping and synchronized cannon balls.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Doctor Gonzalez

Lindsey Gonzalez (That's Scott's brother's wife for those of you "not in the know")has graduated from Pharmacy School. Sheesh this girl is talented! I can't wait to see what you do next Lindswii and congratulations! The Gonzalez clan drove down to Vegas for the graduation and we had such a fun time! As usual, Seth and Lindsey had the Hook Ups so we got to stay in their friends condo while we were there. We taught Stockton how to swim at their pool and he taught us how to overcome your fears. At first he wouldn't even get his face wet but soon we had to watch him like a hawk as he started jumping into the deep parts of the pool without so much as a fundoodle. The afternoon produced some courageous synchronized diving of the cannon ball variety and a few sunburns. Just think how much fun we could have together if Seth and Lyndsey move back up to Utah. No really Seth and Lyndsey think about it and make the right choice!

Linsdey's Graduation!