Monday, September 15, 2008


Lindsay tagged me so...

1) Scott’s jokes (This morning he jokingly said something about me being green cranola oil or something) I guess it’s just funny to me.
2) Music. I like classical, Alicia Keys, The Young & The Hopeless, Weezer, and Scott on the piano
3) Perfection. It’s rare but when I do or make something that is perfect it is like surreal to me.

1) My office after closing hours. The lights are out and there’s not a sound but that’s because accountants are crazy quiet when they want to be.
2) Blood clots, One minute you’re fine the next your just gone
3) Stairs, I always think there is someone behind me and they’ll grab my leg

Current Obsessions/Collections:
1) Reading
2) The scrabble game at Subway (I just need one letter on all of the words to win stuff)
3) Soccer as always since I started playing in my ward

Surprising Facts:
1) I have hiked Mt. Timpanogas over 13 times
2) I have an amazing singing voice when no one is around
3) I used to work with Will Ferell’s cousin at Macey’s and went to Jr. High with Demi Moore’s cousin

I tag Amanda! (No quitsies, no startsies, no roshamboe and if there is I start!)

Friday, September 12, 2008


This is my famous foolash and I'm going to share the secret ingredients with you all. Anything. Anything you've got can go into foolash. This is a mutation of my mom's goolash that I started when I was first living on my own and spending $35.00 per semester on groceries. (It can be done, I worked at a grocery store and had the advantage of free food dating). If you are down to the bare minimum in your pantry and for whatever reason you can't go to the store, this is a fun, and I'll admit, risky alternative. You just grab whatever is left and put it in a pot or pyrex dish and cook it until it is soft. A friend at work gave me some tomatoes but everything else was the canned or water proof stuff that survived the flooding. (The roof leaked above our pantry too.) I was giggling like mad as I had one genius thought after another to add cream of mushroom (watered down), curly noodles, the juice of some generic chicken noodle soup, chicken, lots of spices (I don't know which), almonds and something else but I've fogotten now. I baked it a 425 for 15 minutes. It was pretty salty but Scott tasted it and surprisingly said, "Pretty Good!" It's like gambling at Vegas and gives you a bit of a rush considering the nastiest tasting thing I ever put in my mouth was foolash. (Key lime stew foolash is not recommended!)

Rain Drops keep fallin' on my head

Here we go again!

The next morning the management came over to help get everything dry and cleaned up. I don't know why but Scott and I are still laughing and not angry. I want them to do something to fix it but I can't seem to get the point across with my complacent tone. So I wrote them a letter today and had a friend add some non complacent verbage. Thanks Amanda! One things for sure if Scott and I eventually crack our complacent attitude it'll probably be like pompeii or an avalanche or Sarah Palin. Ahh, who am I kidding I'll probably cry!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cassie's First Day of School!

Scott is all about action shots so instead of the cute excited face that I wanted to put on for the camera he captured my actual feelings. Nervous. So nervous that I checked that map of the school in my hand every 10 seconds even though I knew exactly where to go. I am going back to school but it's been a few years since I've taken any classes so I was nervous that I had forgotten how to learn or something. It's been a week now and I actually think that I'll do better than ever because in the past year I've become much more organized. Wish me luck!