Monday, August 25, 2008

Girly Giggles

From left to right: Lisa, Loraine, Kayla, Cassie, Debbie, Kara, Mary, Laura, and mom behind the camera. Mom got tickets for everone to go see Pride and Prejudice at the Scera outdoor theatre. It was a musical and apart from Mr Darcy's crazy eyes when he sang about his internal struggles, it evoked aaahhhs and many a girly giggle. Thanks mom! What a fun girls night out!


My company party was on the 15th and this time they had it at Lagoon. Suweet! Kara and Lisa don't work there anymore but still were invited because Squire is awesome! We had a good time but I'm starting to feel old. I didn't want to run from ride to ride anymore until I fell over from exhaustion. We hit our favorites, went to the bbq, and called it a night. At this rate Scott and I will become boring old biff and gertrude in no time. I hate to admit defeat though so I'll try to come up with a cure for this way too adult attitude.