Friday, May 30, 2008

Scotty is 23!!!

Scott and I were talking yesterday over dinner about how old 23 sounds. Being grown up just isn't as much fun. You have to go to bed on time instead of staying up 'til 4 o'clock in the morning playing 007 and you can't eat whatever green sugary goo comes your way. Things like budgets, bills, vegetables, and 401K's nag their way into your thoughts when they really only belong in the dictionary for curiosities sake. But I was thinking today that while Scott and I have learned at least the definition of all of these things that we are still pretty young for our age. We've been watching online episodes of Dragon Ball Z lately. (It's additing I tell you) While Scott still won't touch any kind of "tree leaf" salad he is branching out a bit with his vegetable palate. This wise choice is balanced out by the fact that I think he is hiding a bag of candy bars in the second bedroom somewhere. Scott says that we are supposed to be child like so I hope we hang on to a little of that as we keep learning and growing up together.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hmm What do I wish?

I'm pretty sure he wished for an electric violin

Way Way Beyond

This is Kim Gonzalez and I on the new Buzz Lightyear Ride at Disneyland. She is a mighty fine shot! The Gonzalez clan drove out to California where I felt like I got my first chance to really get to know some of the extended family. So far I think I'll stay. They are a pretty a bangerang group!

What a Trip!

Here are the highlights from the wedding and our trip to the bahamas for the honeymoon. Thanks to everyone that I didn't thank enough for coming out to Utah for the wedding and for helping make it a mostly relaxed and enjoyable day. For me at least. THANK YOU MOM!!!! Watch for the adorable pics of Charlie (Britt's youngest) and of Zoe (Jen's oldest)